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Wood floors in your home is not only practical and beautiful, but is also an expression of your style, and add to the value of your home. Wood floor suppliers specialise in different kinds of wood flooring to cater for every taste and requirement.

Laminated flooring is one of the options available to the customer. This can be done in a variety of woods, such as Cherry, Beech, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, Pine or Walnut. The design can be either of the blocked or the plank type and different finishes are available, such as a polished finish, an antique textured surface or a matt, oiled-floor finish.

Wood floor suppliers usually also offer genuine wood veneer flooring, with strip boards and a top wear layer, in different wood types, such as Red Oak, Red Heart Beech, Ash, Hevea, Merbau, Kambala or Jetoba. To create a traditional ship deck appearance, it can often be delivered with decorative rubber string a few millimetres wide.

Solid timber flooring can also be ordered. The cost may be higher, due to certain types of would being supplied to only certain wood floor makers as part of forestry regulations and quotas, in order to ensure a sustainable long-term supply of the wood. Most of the commonly used woods can be supplied, as well as types such as Grapia, Meranti, Wild Chestnut, Lauro Preto, Anchico and Rosewood. Wood floor suppliers can sometimes finish these to a uniform tint, a natural finish with differentiated colour play and a rustic appearance with a very colourful structure.

Zimbabwean Teak is popular for wooden decking, since it is a very tough, hard and dense wood, capable of withstanding weather and wear. It is a type of Eucalyptus and unusually stable and dense for a plantation tree. This makes Zimbabwean Teak and Saligna preferred choices by wood floor suppliers for outdoor decking.

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