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An outdoor deck in a fine wood is a very pleasing finish around a pool area, or for a boardwalk or veranda. The warm wood shades afford a classic, rustic atmosphere at odds with the frantic rush of the rat race. It is a place to come home to; a reminder that the trees were there long before the world became such a fast-paced place.

Wood floor suppliers often make use of Zimbabwean Teak for wood decks, because it is an immensely strong, hard and wear-resistant kind of Eucalyptus found in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. It has an even-grained and fine texture. Zimbabwean Saligna and Teak are therefore very suitable to all outdoor deck applications.

Excellent quality wood finishes are available to best protect an outdoor deck against the elements. The best examples of these products require no undercoat or separate primer – it can be applied directly. They have a high solids content, which promotes easy spreading capacity and a thicker protective film for superior durability.

A wood finish product’s true test comes over an extended period on an outdoor deck. The superior products offer a very high resistance against ultra-violet light and moisture. They do not blister, peel and crack and maintain the timber’s breathability while remaining water-repellent on the outside.

Modern outdoor decking fasteners means that one can have a finish without nails, yet the deck is securely and safely fastened. Deck fasteners are becoming popular due to the disadvantages associated with nails and screws, such as rotting in the joist, irregular finish, stains, puddles, popped nail injuries and increased upkeep and maintenance. The plank or joist have no holes where water can collect and the best types of decking clips elevate the plank off the joist to promote ventilation and fight rot.

An outdoor deck adds a timeless dimension and a touch of class to any setting.

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